No bank account decides
if I succeed or if I fail

I’m not sure that I have a soul
but if I do, it’s not for sale


Just ask yourself (footnotes on love)

How could a divinity
said to be loving
buy or sell love
in the currency
of sacrifice and death?

How could a goddess of love
[or a two-bit tin-horn warrior god]
even dream of commercializing it
in any way at all !

Only Love freely given
deserves the name.
In part, all true love is –
like mother love – unconditional –
forgiving even the executioner.

The injunction to love
is equally obsurd –
we cannot be commanded to love.
We are semi-conscious apes
not bloodless angels
immune to desire and need –
ferchrissakes we’re plain lousy
with fear and greed!

Love could not be
the unique attribute
of an ultimate divinity
[to say a god is love
is not to say love is god]
but surely love would be
his or her supreme attribute…
don’t you agree?

A parenting god
could not sacrifice
a beloved child
nor should anyone
entertain the idea
that such a demand
were ever legitimate.

Who in his right mind…
no, seriously: who sanely
would call out for mercy –
now or at any hour –
to a ” father”
who lifted no finger
to save his own
most perfect son?

The judeo-christian bible
is filled with stories
that give off a stench
worse than rotting flesh
or unneutered cat piss…
but then, it’s a very old
and dreadfully edited book.

I am saddened to think
that living trees
are still cut down to print it –
and take consolation
in the thought that those
bent on touting it
no longer have the power
to burn me at the stake.



……………..evolution of a diamond

Tell TheTruth

Favor Kindness
Show Mercy
Tell The

Favor Kindness
Try To Do No Harm
Discourage Malice
Show Mercy
Tell The

Favor Kindness
Try To Do No Harm
Outlaw The Pre-emptive
Discourage Malice
Show Mercy
Tell The



once upon a time I thought the golden rule was sufficient…that is, until I was reminded of George Bernard Shaw’s suggestion that you shouldn’t do unto others as you would have them do unto you…because they may not like it!    I think GBS is right.  We might need more reliable guidelines…so these are mine..

I have seen the light

I have seen the light
been baptized by the rains
tasted coffee, tea
and all the toasted grains
smelt the dog rose
and the freesia
felt floods of memory
great as cataracts
down the hills
powerful as the fear
of amnesia – plus
ten thousand other
modern ills. I have
heard the drunkard’s laugh
the old gossip’s chaff
and I have fingered the dust
of the night moth’s wings
and listened with all my might
whenever blackbird sings.
Men speak, but their truths
and lies seem both so small
while god – if god there be –
has little use for languages at all.



all other gods can put their clothes back on…


is not a monarch,
political figure –
your boss


courses through all,
breaks down
or surmounts a wall

As a free living water,
Love nourishes cleanses
fortifies and delights
indescriminately –
where the gate is swung wide,
lock paddles open.

Religions speak as
do court flatterers
King of Kings
Lord of Lord –
a wonder the ministers
overlook Emperor of Emperors
for their Napoleonic figurehead


is the god not above
but within – acting the universe
in joy, and not in dread
everywhere at once –
the orderly anarchy
that guides a world,
spins it as an axis

Regardless of
everything else –
yes, even when
all private else
falls apart,
leaves the heart
wretched in the
onslaught and retreat –
water over my feet…
tomorrow is a season
to sweep away the pieces

Even a shoreline
is mutable
& life itself

Love alone endures
though men are fools
with windlass and reason



[Since the pyramids cast their shadows at gizeh]

Since the pyramids cast their shadows at gizeh
you’ve been sold celestial heirarchies –
like those structures – cults and dieties
are meant to reflect and justify
that might makes right

The joker who flicked the switch,
we’re told, is the one who decides
who wears the ring – that power
[papal, national, imperial]
is a god-given thing – ordained
sacred and unquestionable
since might makes right

Now sacred global corporations
reflect that big one in the sky
such clever transformations
of the great religious lie
that might IS right

Yes, it started with the pyramids
that’s the reason cults exist
a way to justify oppression – with a perk
in case the first rule was missed –
see there are subtle, deeper reasons
for that crown upon his head
with the wafer you buy the lie
that when you die you wont be dead.

This is the life we are sure of –
Fill it to the brim with love.



dei verbum

God’s word ?
An error of linguistics
[and a missed translation]
a misconception, as this Word contains
neither consonants nor vowels
syllables or phonemes

The speech of god
Is the creation
cannot be separated from

Nada Brahma – god is sound
as was the first metaphoric resonance
heard by the banks of the Indus

There is no Time
between the sound
and the resulting universe –
dei verbum
means what it says –
the speech and the
act…are synonymous
one and the same
under two names
cannot be sundered
except in puny mortal words
which destroy sense
as easily as
preserve it

The word of god
IS the universe
and no written word –
no text, no epistle
no gospel, no testament
no covenant
no sutra, no sura
is more sacred
indeed none is as holy

To imagine that the all-embracing
Word That Is God
can be bound between
the covers of a book
is to not understand
what The Word is
a kind of innocent sacrilege

Ἐν ἀρχῇ ἦν ὁ λόγος, καὶ ὁ λόγος ἦν πρὸς τὸν θεόν
In the beginning was the logos and this logos was god
not some language or other

Of all the words of men
and millenia
only Love and the blessèd lullaby
rival or even remotely resemble
the Speech that is all-holiness


another way of saying this: