Laudamus my ass

The cat was folded
politely onto the sidewalk
like a dinner napkin
beside a dirty plate

Note that I say cat the way
a butcher says heifer
so as not to say calf –
thinks it might put people off
to know it’s a baby
they’re having for lunch

But even in death
you could tell the clutch of fur
had probably never seen a tire before
had no idea what sidewalk
not to step off – a creature
still comprised of three-parts wonder
and the rest pure innocence

Now i’m not half as religious as the poplars
not at all given to daisychain romance
but a kind of faith does swing
around my torso like honeysuckle vine
when the slain is virgin life.
Makes me wanna grab some made-up god
[any one of a thousand will do]
and say what is this shit, man?

They told me when I was little
no sparrow fell you didn’t know
so where the fuck were you when
this ball of love caught it?

Of course hundreds of thousands
are being tortured, raped, bombed
and otherwise dismembered every hour…
on every continent…
but I try to give myself
time off for good behaviour.

Before Sunday brunch
I only get pissed off
about kittens.






Who was the cretin
turned god is love
into god loves you ?

That God is Love –
the fire in the blood
the sap that feeds the bud –
that makes sense to anyone

Damn, that Love is the way to heaven
even makes Hallmarkian sense

But some hoary dude
with a golden crook
on a silver cumulus
loves me ?

What is this,
Romper Room ?

What exactly are you
trying to sell me, mister ?



Hecatomb Imminent

they said they missed the cults
did I call them a bunch of dolts ?
No I didn’t
for religion is a serious matter
and so I said
go, do go
and get thee a tomato
and of planks piled by the shed
I took a few bits
and together did we
erect an altar in the yard
[not sure of dimensions in cubits]
then, verily unto thee i say
we lit a candle
(but really to keep mosquitos at bay)

and tho i did tell them
is a better word than
they said they wanted to go
whole hog – so lo,
we pierced the tender skin
of brother tomato
and all of us did eat of it
and thus we know
that now
brother tomato
his red
that live we may
if not eternally
at least
until we’re dead.




sort of  “remembering Mark Twain”

Church is a pleasant place – chapel’s even nicer –
scents of beeswax and dried rose petals

I’ve a great fondness for abandoned chapels
love to run my palm along the high back pews
absorb decades, even centuries of invested faith

But beyond architecture ?
What Shaw called Churchianity ?
Well, church is a place folks visit
much as they do travel agencies
believing that buying the ticket
insures the holiday

Church is where one day a week
presumably rational adults
reinforce each other’s delusions
confirming an axiomatic truth in numbers
they would deny any other day

Church is where grown men
and women go to hear stories
no sane** child would believe

Atheist ? Me ? No way José ….
but if some personal godhead exists
I’d be willing to bet my ass
His Nibs deems all religions
as heretical as frozen pizza.


** innocent, uncorrupted, unendoctrinated, uncoerced, etc.



I’m from Missouri. . .

I do not believe in god
and try very hard not to believe in anything.
To suggest that, like many, I believe
in science is to misuse the term.
Science insists that nothing
be taken on faith…a word which means
to believe what you do not know.
[Don’t believe me? Look it up.]

Listen: If all seven billion earthlings came
[with toothpaste grin] to knock at my door
two-by-two as is the witnesses’ irritating wont…
[do they think my name is Noah, or what?]
and tell me they believe in god – even
should they convince me they all believe
in the same god [Fat chance!]
all I could safely and reasonably deduce
is that people need to believe.

I suspect that where they are not simply
ignorant or lazy [or lying beggars]
it is their mortality that frightens them.
Three score and ten isn’t good enough
for these people. They don’t fully appreciate
the gift of life and would sign it away
to live ever-after like the fairies do
in a one-size-fits-all homogenized fairyland.

Men have long been willing – eager – to waste
their life on earth [and that of their children]
to such fantastic ends, willing to maim and destroy
[if and when they get the chance]
any who threaten their right to such folly.
They wish and hope and pray their reason away
bow and scrape before figments of their imagination.

It is foolish to state that god does not exist –
but only because logic and rationality offer
no method by which such claims may be tested.
Still, it is quite reasonable to assert


if there were, we’d all agree and no such question
would ever again be asked! Personal experience,
like a library card or bus pass, is non-transferable.
It is not proof of anything. It is an argument for those
who cannot bear to admit they are not omniscent.

I have no difficulty admitting I do not know everything.
Indeed, if I believe in anything, it is that doubt and proof
are the twin motors of all knowledge.


I am not, in fact, from Missouri, but I have real feeling for a place
that likes to think of itself as “the show-me state” [and can produce a Mark Twain]
Incidentally, the official state motto is Salus populi suprema lex esto
the welfare of the people will always be the supreme law.

[a man came up to me]

a man came up to me
with a book in his fist and
begged me to listen
since he felt he was god’s tool
I laughted ’til I peed
and called him a fool
and then I swung my arm wide
and then pointed to a dog
then its owner – then a cat
then a sparrow pecking crumbs
and told him I figured that
they all – even the half-coked bums –
did a better job representing
the dude he thinks of as
the CEO of all this.



what if

what if
your very finest
most noble sentiments
generous and lofty ambitions
were not at all rooted
in what was rammed into you
since childhood, but what miraculously
managed to escape that formatting?