all other gods can put their clothes back on…


is not a monarch,
political figure –
your boss


courses through all,
breaks down
or surmounts a wall

As a free living water,
Love nourishes cleanses
fortifies and delights
indescriminately –
where the gate is swung wide,
lock paddles open.

Religions speak as
do court flatterers
King of Kings
Lord of Lord –
a wonder the ministers
overlook Emperor of Emperors
for their Napoleonic figurehead


is the god not above
but within – acting the universe
in joy, and not in dread
everywhere at once –
the orderly anarchy
that guides a world,
spins it as an axis

Regardless of
everything else –
yes, even when
all private else
falls apart,
leaves the heart
wretched in the
onslaught and retreat –
water over my feet…
tomorrow is a season
to sweep away the pieces

Even a shoreline
is mutable
& life itself

Love alone endures
though men are fools
with windlass and reason




[Since the pyramids cast their shadows at gizeh]

Since the pyramids cast their shadows at gizeh
you’ve been sold celestial heirarchies –
like those structures – cults and dieties
are meant to reflect and justify
that might makes right

The joker who flicked the switch,
we’re told, is the one who decides
who wears the ring – that power
[papal, national, imperial]
is a god-given thing – ordained
sacred and unquestionable
since might makes right

Now sacred global corporations
reflect that big one in the sky
such clever transformations
of the great religious lie
that might IS right

Yes, it started with the pyramids
that’s the reason cults exist
a way to justify oppression – with a perk
in case the first rule was missed –
see there are subtle, deeper reasons
for that crown upon his head
with the wafer you buy the lie
that when you die you wont be dead.

This is the life we are sure of –
Fill it to the brim with love.



dei verbum

God’s word ?
An error of linguistics
[and a missed translation]
a misconception, as this Word contains
neither consonants nor vowels
syllables or phonemes

The speech of god
Is the creation
cannot be separated from

Nada Brahma – god is sound
as was the first metaphoric resonance
heard by the banks of the Indus

There is no Time
between the sound
and the resulting universe –
dei verbum
means what it says –
the speech and the
act…are synonymous
one and the same
under two names
cannot be sundered
except in puny mortal words
which destroy sense
as easily as
preserve it

The word of god
IS the universe
and no written word –
no text, no epistle
no gospel, no testament
no covenant
no sutra, no sura
is more sacred
indeed none is as holy

To imagine that the all-embracing
Word That Is God
can be bound between
the covers of a book
is to not understand
what The Word is
a kind of innocent sacrilege

Ἐν ἀρχῇ ἦν ὁ λόγος, καὶ ὁ λόγος ἦν πρὸς τὸν θεόν
In the beginning was the logos and this logos was god
not some language or other

Of all the words of men
and millenia
only Love and the blessèd lullaby
rival or even remotely resemble
the Speech that is all-holiness


another way of saying this:


adhere to nothing
because of Tradition
adhere to nothing
because of Authority
adhere to nothing
because of Revelation…
[unless the aforementioned
was made to you personally!]

is mere say –
may it never blind
a sound heart and mind







non-aggression pact?

Not resist evil ?
Jesus, that is a hard one!
But I’ll go this far, my good man
I shall try not to resist evil
by any evil means 
I will not slander, cheat
lie in retaliation.
Given the chance,
I will not oppress
I will not smite
[nor kick or smack or bite]

However, while I’d rather
retire to my cave
than turn the other cheek
[ I’m just not born that brave
to be that kind of meek ]
I will resist evil
by any other means
at my disposal –
a life lived in example
[ I’ll try to make it love]
and a tongue few would wish
to be on the wrong side of


Christianity Not as a Mystic Religion But as a New Theory of Life
is the subtitle of Tolstoy’s The Kingdom of God is Within you.
…I don’t invent the stuff; I just pass it along



Shall we call a spade a spade

I listen to the atheists
saying they are scientists
and I wonder
at their poor command
of English.

They keep impugning god
when what they mean
is religion.

To say that there is no evidence
for the existence of the god
of Abraham as recounted
in those ridiculous books
is a reasonable statement.

Abrahamic religion is preposterous
while god is simply unknowable…
at least for the moment.

We know more about matter
and anti-matter
than we know about god
[and a-god ?]

To make definitive statements
about god – or a-god
is not very scientific
and that’s my point

Those bombastic atheists
who call themselves scientists
should make it their business
to be more precise –
they not only leave themselves open
they discredit a reasonable postulate

I suspect that if a god had ever spoken
it would have spoken the universe
not some dumb books full of hatred
and internal contradictions
not to mention falsehoods.

Believing in that god without real evidence
is laziness or ignorance –

But the size and scope
of all there is to know
makes the atheists’ objections
little more than free publicity
for a dispicable tyrant.



[Agnosticism – at its best – is precisely how science is done. Repeatedly questioned, examined, tested and peer-reviewed scripture is found wanting…and that is all any honest scientist should claim.]


Laudamus my ass

The cat was folded
politely onto the sidewalk
like a dinner napkin
beside a dirty plate

Note that I say cat the way
a butcher says heifer
so as not to say calf –
thinks it might put people off
to know it’s a baby
they’re having for lunch

But even in death
you could tell the clutch of fur
had probably never seen a tire before
had no idea what sidewalk
not to step off – a creature
still comprised of three-parts wonder
and the rest pure innocence

Now i’m not half as religious as the poplars
not at all given to daisychain romance
but a kind of faith does swing
around my torso like honeysuckle vine
when the slain is virgin life.
Makes me wanna grab some made-up god
[any one of a thousand will do]
and say what is this shit, man?

They told me when I was little
no sparrow fell you didn’t know
so where the fuck were you when
this ball of love caught it?

Of course hundreds of thousands
are being tortured, raped, bombed
and otherwise dismembered every hour…
on every continent…
but I try to give myself
time off for good behaviour.

Before Sunday brunch
I only get pissed off
about kittens.