In the beginning. . .

When adults (like yourself)
picture the first man
they dream up a creature replete
with their own fears and worries,
yet when humanity
like some bright idea
dawned on this planet
we entered naked –
devoid of vanity –
pure, imperious, awed,
curious, indefatigable
as was the child you were –
and even that first tentative
encounter with eternal sleep –
a snail? a mouse? a fly? –
was a curiosity among so many
just as strange; it is only by and by…

Toddling infant does not
imagine himself. He is
unconscious living,
synonym of now – wiser
than the wisest sage; no need
for mediated values in the present tense;
he is beyond age, until language
invents imagination, shattering self
into experience
and memory.






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