Theological Apologetic

for Robert J.Foss

If needs must
                 proclaim divinities
     bridge the finite chasms
             with infinities
                       baptize evanescent bliss
        then let your future fetish
            be no less than this –
   A Being to embrace the sum of being
                 so that we may invoke a blinded entity –
      O Holy Bat  – beside some great All-Seeing

       If even lowly men can know regret
                then model me
             a truly penitent god – and don’t forget
      the one who spied himself  
                        in some celestial glass
                as he strolled by
        and in his fleeting likeness
                         fashioned us  –
                that mutton-headed cuss
                            then quite forgot
                and left us here beyond the gate to die – alas

   Why not now some likelier template seek
             and while you’re at it, brother,  
                         quit pretending to be meek !
               Invent at last a god resembling –
    a thing with teeth and claws –
                       an eminently laughable
                lawless giver of the laws  
      so we may worship THAT – all aspects in one prayer
        a god who wouldn’t give a fig for our dispair
                          a dervish turncoat given to disguises
                   a god prone to reward
           the very things he most despises
     capable of the loftiest creation
                     given to mean and base destruction
          propounding truths without foundation
                                and lies – derived by sound deduction –
       a multi-facetted unfathomable One
              some ultimate in oxymoron
                              intransigent forgiver
                        abstemious high-liver…
                 or is that the god we’ve got?
       if gods you must have
              then grant them this above all else –
                      since even the lowliest of the low
        possess it –  the living right to improve
               to get better, to grow, to understand and evolve
          invent, for pete’s sake, a genuine genius –
                 something that may be said
        at least to have lived a rounded loving life
                    before, exhausted,  it dropped dead

          or allow the heavenly landlord
                                      to deal with us, for a change
      grow richer and more benevolent in the exchange
       … or maybe just let him be
                               fucking fallible !
                        a truly living god
                  a genuinely on-going





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