on the limits of the invocation of scientific protocols

To say there is a god 
because three zillion people claim 
such an undefinable entity exists
is evidence that three zillion people 
would like this to be true. 
Here there is no science 
that may be invoked 
beyond socio-psychology.
That a mere thousand claim 
they gave up tomatoes 
and had fewer and milder 
arthritic pains is not science
either…due to the absence of 
control groups and a bunch of other 
stuff you can look up for yourself — 
It is, nonetheless, legitimate evidence
Indeed, when three or four thousand 
make the same claim it is starting 
to look less and less anecdotal 
in the evidence department
and more and more like 
something worth trying 
when you can no longer 
move your fingers –
you dote on 
hearing that there is no scientific evidence to back up a claim…is not to say that there is no evidence at all…IF (and it’s an important if) some aspect of objective reality is at issue. Just thought you should keep that in mind as, on occasion, (pure/theoretical)science and skepticism may have limited relevance.  




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