…so he called her stupid
and said how can there be angels
if there is no god? And she
[who had never even heard
the name Quantico] said Easy,
just imagine The Round Table
without Arthur. At which he pulled
his oh-you-poor-dumb-creature face
and groaned – that’s what I mean:
who tells them what to do?
And she said, no one needs to;
they know what to do;
they know what goodness is –
they’re angels!
Arms folded now, but less belligerent
he questioned So they know what’s right,

Yes, she said, but she could see
he still didn’t get it, so she went on
It’s easy, really; all the goodness
there ever was – every impulse
ever spawned in consciousness –
[because to be good an act must be
more than instinct- inherited behavior ]
goodness in the universe
began at last to aggregate
because it is by nature cohesive
and it’s kinda like the amino acids
that eventually became life…
goodness grew … evolved …
and eventually there were angels…

Oh yeah, he smirked and what about
all the EVIL impulses?

Evil tends rather to isolation, she replied
evil is divisive…
is more like a snowball…
it grows bigger and stronger and
I guess it will some day
hold evil in check
I dunno but I think eventually
it’ll all come out right…

IF nothing stops it, he challenged.
Nothing can, she said. It can’t be
destroyed completely…it’s
like a network…

and what about when there’s a new angel ?
he wondered aloud, sincerely…

It’s only a virtual table…
she answered






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