Don’t Give Me That Crap

speak to me of what you’ve known
first hand in a life and land that is your own

spare me the spouting
of memorized chapter and verse
from a moth-eaten treatise filled
with mysogeny – and worse
justified slavery,  racism
homophobia and authorized genocide

don’t preach at me
from the cluttered storehouse
in your head
of bits you’ve read
about people who only possibly lived
but who are now most definitely dead.

        artifact is not love
love is not some once-ago man –

In the thousands of years
of human history
before the jews ever invented
a letter of law
the world was never
without its moral probe –

the heart has always
                         had its reason
                its supreme ethic
         everywhere on the globe

                 to be a christian
 is to follow the one known
           as christ jesus
                 – he owned nothing
     and never bore arms.

the hardest thing in the world to be
perhaps, is a genuine christian
and for all the pre-recorded
sound and fury around here
I strongly doubt
there is even one among us.




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