Process Theology (by request)

 Since even a newt
        can shape up to be
      a newt of repute
              why not Mister G ?
     I mean what’s to stop
              That Guy At The Top
                     the Big Cheese upstairs
          from deciphering prayers
              and catching a clue
                           from people like you

                                                and me?

                    It suggests some contempt
            to make Him exempt
                      from evolutionary laws
                [such ideas should give pause]
                     …listen, if He put His Holy mind to it
                gave a thought to advancement
     I bet He could come up with some neat enhancement
                 like explaining His aim
                          and reducing all blame…

                                             or taking it !

                You’d think He would know
                        that living things grow
                                   what exactly is He
                         a former, an ex? some late divinity ?

              We want a god that can hear us
                  that wants even more to be near us
                             and knows how to answer
               and learn from His mistakes

                    I mean…

                                  we haven’t stopped trying  




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