damn, it makes me proud to be Belgian

(for Robert J. Foss)

What does a Jewish physicist do
with a catholic physicist ?

[Is this some Belgian joke?]

Well almost – but not quite

A homogeneous Universe
    of constant mass and growing radius
         accounting for the radial velocity of extragalactic nebulae

title of a report published in 1927
by monseigneur Georges LeMaître
(a ranking catholic no less – oy vay)
who derived what is mistakenly known
as Hubble’s law as well as the first
estimation of the so-called Hubble constant.

After hearing a lecture by LeMaître
in California, Einstein stood up, applauded,
and – referring to all or part of the talk –
Einstein reportedly said
“This is the most beautiful
and satisfactory explanation of creation
to which I have ever listened.”

Ah, for the good old days
of the early twentieth century
when to have a religion
didn’t mean to not have a brain.


born in Charleroi; died in Leuven…more Belgian than that ya don’t get




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