ashes, ashes

Saved from what ? Saved from death ?
You’re barking if you believe that.

A sidelong glance, a tic, the trace
of something in another’s face tells you
when they are lying – but words
words on paper ?

It is the secret advantage of idiots
and children to spot falseness
at thirty paces – innocent as an infant
because infant means without speech.

I can say a man gets on another’s shoulders
to scale a wall, say,
and when the second is in place
the first moves to the second’s shoulders
and on and on ‘til one or the other
reaches heaven.
THAT is the power of words.
They lie – indeed there are
no lies without them.

[This is not rocket science; it’s as self-evident
as the fact that the most important cause of divorce
is marriage.]

Ring around the rosy, pocket full of posy
ashes, ashes; we all fall down.
Do you know how old that is, what it means ?
Half a millenium, and it speaks of plague.

All the divisions of humanity – ALL
parties, religions, sects, states
thrive and multiply through lies –
words that start out meaning one thing
and end up meaning the opposite
dividing up things that aren’t there
that have no genuine existence –
indeed are called into a semblance
of being with lies – and initial
investments in fabricated falsehoods
are compounded endlessly
as desperate people
are manipulated into chasing after
the right course
before their life’s course is run.

What is the right course ?
Possibly to stop running.
To listen to the silence
that is older than all the lies.




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