What The Shells Said To Her

He breathed life into the seas – squiggly cells… amoebas…fish! Then he took his pail and went away. He came back for a visit a zillion trillion years later and picked up a monkey strolling in the high grasses…The divine breath that had been upon the wide and bubbling oceans now filled the monkey’s nostrils – a new and weird contamination [like the glyphs of the gene sequence] only this time – LANGUAGE ! Waves of knowing – letters – fun as packages unopened waiting to surprise. Only later would she see – much later – but with the clarity of those days at the beach that, when all is said and done, sequential thought is not wisdom nor ever approaches the sublime consciousness that infants seem to be graced with. There is even good reason to believe [she muses, mostly smiling] that we are not meant to fully understand…since, apparently, no one does. Sequential thought [when you get right down to it] estranges us from anything that could in any way reasonably pass for truth – diminishes immeasurably how the universe really is. And so, at the last, she returned to the shore to simply look out …listening once more.




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