On the supersmart mathematical believer fallacy

They tell me that their numbers crunch suggests
my non-beliefs do not pass all their tests

Wait – I am not some cretin to believe
in bronze age bullshit [dogma doth deceive] –
but god if he exists’s no slave to digit.
Mathematical obsessions make me fidgit!

They say what they can measure was designed
with arbitrary measurements in mind!
Such “logic” isn’t worthy of pre-schoolers.
You mean one can’t create without their rulers?

As if zen masters don’t draw perfect rounds!
These math guys think all else is out of bounds!
I know their maths did get us to the moon
but maths are. . . too much with us late and soon.



{There are actually very very clever guys who say if it can’t be reduced to mathematics it isn’t science. (I won’t give the main jerk who says this the honour of being named here.) These are men who, by my lights, misuse their considerable intellectual gifts in rhetoric that simply backs up their rightwing agendas. (If that sounds like William F. Buckley – he used to buy them all drinks!) These creeps would make themselves popes in their new “scientific” hegemony. Down with the gods of the idiots and up with the gods of the ivy-league educated elite! Frankly I’d rather listen to some sweet deluded hick preacher!]



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