Y Estas Visionnes de Johanna IX*

  There will be no healing
        of the planet’s ecology
                    the planet’s economy
      there    will    be    no    justice
                     [by which is meant equality
                              before the law]          until
                  there is a healing
                                of the heart

                            one heart


            no book                      no rote
                     no intercessory
             no dogma                 no authority
      [no confessors      no pastors, pontifs or potentates]
                      no collection plates


                             to that
                       which cradles
                          the universe

                     Deep desire expressed
                                 Love’s    Eternal   Law
                          be transcribed
              on the walls of your heart –

                    No obsequious supplications –
                           Love neither demands
                                  nor accepts sacrifice
                             has no use for penance

                 as you might ask the person sitting next to you
                               to pass the salt
                           or ask your grandfather
                                  to help you set the table

                          simple politeness will do   
no special words are required
                              no special position or place                               
                                   no incense   no wax


                                                for sole décor
                                  of your request
                  the highest binding force
                                          which men have called love

                         which,            if you must name
                                                       you are free to call Fred

                                                     or Auntie Mims
                         or Jeannine   or Geraldine

                                                              [or Artie…or Dean Hotchkiss…or Mrs. Cranston…or John…or ]


Growth is unsustainable; development is entirely possible. Recession and depression are man-made/ the environment is nothing other than Nature – for man is an animal IN nature, not above it, EVER SUBJECT TO HER LAWS; when he truly sees this, he will be freed of many delusions. And if you don’t think this has anything to do with that, think again

* yes, there are eight others; if I find them I will post them.


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