The LDF in Action

I dunno
maybe fifteen miles this side of Vegas
I’m in a diner with a counter sleek as a new deck
when this dude comes along beside me
and heck – he just pokes a fat index
into the belly of the napkins –
ya know in that chrome dispenser –
and I say hey fella’
you might say excuse me or somethin’
‘less you meant to pick my nose

but he just smiles and goes
tell ya what – you tell me all
you got on your chest and I’ll
excuse YOU!

What the blazes, I thought, sounds
like a fair deal,
so I told him how I kinda kicked the dog
and ’bout when I useta lean on her alot –
or let my girls see me stone drunk…
and then I got right into it
and he listened as I sunk
deeper down into the bad stuff…

and when I paused a long time
he just said that all?
and I said all I can find
for the time being –
and he said OK
ego te absolvo

which just means I forgive you
and he said it in such a way
that I actually believed him
and I feel better about –
well – almost everything
ever since that day.

The LDF refers to Latter Day Forgivers 🙂


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