Just ask yourself (footnotes on love)

How could a divinity
said to be loving
buy or sell love
in the currency
of sacrifice and death?

How could a goddess of love
[or a two-bit tin-horn warrior god]
even dream of commercializing it
in any way at all !

Only Love freely given
deserves the name.
In part, all true love is –
like mother love – unconditional –
forgiving even the executioner.

The injunction to love
is equally obsurd –
we cannot be commanded to love.
We are semi-conscious apes
not bloodless angels
immune to desire and need –
ferchrissakes we’re plain lousy
with fear and greed!

Love could not be
the unique attribute
of an ultimate divinity
[to say a god is love
is not to say love is god]
but surely love would be
his or her supreme attribute…
don’t you agree?

A parenting god
could not sacrifice
a beloved child
nor should anyone
entertain the idea
that such a demand
were ever legitimate.

Who in his right mind…
no, seriously: who sanely
would call out for mercy –
now or at any hour –
to a ” father”
who lifted no finger
to save his own
most perfect son?

The judeo-christian bible
is filled with stories
that give off a stench
worse than rotting flesh
or unneutered cat piss…
but then, it’s a very old
and dreadfully edited book.

I am saddened to think
that living trees
are still cut down to print it –
and take consolation
in the thought that those
bent on touting it
no longer have the power
to burn me at the stake.




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