[Since the pyramids cast their shadows at gizeh]

Since the pyramids cast their shadows at gizeh
you’ve been sold celestial heirarchies –
like those structures – cults and dieties
are meant to reflect and justify
that might makes right

The joker who flicked the switch,
we’re told, is the one who decides
who wears the ring – that power
[papal, national, imperial]
is a god-given thing – ordained
sacred and unquestionable
since might makes right

Now sacred global corporations
reflect that big one in the sky
such clever transformations
of the great religious lie
that might IS right

Yes, it started with the pyramids
that’s the reason cults exist
a way to justify oppression – with a perk
in case the first rule was missed –
see there are subtle, deeper reasons
for that crown upon his head
with the wafer you buy the lie
that when you die you wont be dead.

This is the life we are sure of –
Fill it to the brim with love.




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