all other gods can put their clothes back on…


is not a monarch,
political figure –
your boss


courses through all,
breaks down
or surmounts a wall

As a free living water,
Love nourishes cleanses
fortifies and delights
indescriminately –
where the gate is swung wide,
lock paddles open.

Religions speak as
do court flatterers
King of Kings
Lord of Lord –
a wonder the ministers
overlook Emperor of Emperors
for their Napoleonic figurehead


is the god not above
but within – acting the universe
in joy, and not in dread
everywhere at once –
the orderly anarchy
that guides a world,
spins it as an axis

Regardless of
everything else –
yes, even when
all private else
falls apart,
leaves the heart
wretched in the
onslaught and retreat –
water over my feet…
tomorrow is a season
to sweep away the pieces

Even a shoreline
is mutable
& life itself

Love alone endures
though men are fools
with windlass and reason




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