Shall we call a spade a spade

I listen to the atheists
saying they are scientists
and I wonder
at their poor command
of English.

They keep impugning god
when what they mean
is religion.

To say that there is no evidence
for the existence of the god
of Abraham as recounted
in those ridiculous books
is a reasonable statement.

Abrahamic religion is preposterous
while god is simply unknowable…
at least for the moment.

We know more about matter
and anti-matter
than we know about god
[and a-god ?]

To make definitive statements
about god – or a-god
is not very scientific
and that’s my point

Those bombastic atheists
who call themselves scientists
should make it their business
to be more precise –
they not only leave themselves open
they discredit a reasonable postulate

I suspect that if a god had ever spoken
it would have spoken the universe
not some dumb books full of hatred
and internal contradictions
not to mention falsehoods.

Believing in that god without real evidence
is laziness or ignorance –

But the size and scope
of all there is to know
makes the atheists’ objections
little more than free publicity
for a dispicable tyrant.



[Agnosticism – at its best – is precisely how science is done. Repeatedly questioned, examined, tested and peer-reviewed scripture is found wanting…and that is all any honest scientist should claim.]



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