sort of  “remembering Mark Twain”

Church is a pleasant place – chapel’s even nicer –
scents of beeswax and dried rose petals

I’ve a great fondness for abandoned chapels
love to run my palm along the high back pews
absorb decades, even centuries of invested faith

But beyond architecture ?
What Shaw called Churchianity ?
Well, church is a place folks visit
much as they do travel agencies
believing that buying the ticket
insures the holiday

Church is where one day a week
presumably rational adults
reinforce each other’s delusions
confirming an axiomatic truth in numbers
they would deny any other day

Church is where grown men
and women go to hear stories
no sane** child would believe

Atheist ? Me ? No way José ….
but if some personal godhead exists
I’d be willing to bet my ass
His Nibs deems all religions
as heretical as frozen pizza.


** innocent, uncorrupted, unendoctrinated, uncoerced, etc.




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