I’m from Missouri. . .

I do not believe in god
and try very hard not to believe in anything.
To suggest that, like many, I believe
in science is to misuse the term.
Science insists that nothing
be taken on faith…a word which means
to believe what you do not know.
[Don’t believe me? Look it up.]

Listen: If all seven billion earthlings came
[with toothpaste grin] to knock at my door
two-by-two as is the witnesses’ irritating wont…
[do they think my name is Noah, or what?]
and tell me they believe in god – even
should they convince me they all believe
in the same god [Fat chance!]
all I could safely and reasonably deduce
is that people need to believe.

I suspect that where they are not simply
ignorant or lazy [or lying beggars]
it is their mortality that frightens them.
Three score and ten isn’t good enough
for these people. They don’t fully appreciate
the gift of life and would sign it away
to live ever-after like the fairies do
in a one-size-fits-all homogenized fairyland.

Men have long been willing – eager – to waste
their life on earth [and that of their children]
to such fantastic ends, willing to maim and destroy
[if and when they get the chance]
any who threaten their right to such folly.
They wish and hope and pray their reason away
bow and scrape before figments of their imagination.

It is foolish to state that god does not exist –
but only because logic and rationality offer
no method by which such claims may be tested.
Still, it is quite reasonable to assert


if there were, we’d all agree and no such question
would ever again be asked! Personal experience,
like a library card or bus pass, is non-transferable.
It is not proof of anything. It is an argument for those
who cannot bear to admit they are not omniscent.

I have no difficulty admitting I do not know everything.
Indeed, if I believe in anything, it is that doubt and proof
are the twin motors of all knowledge.


I am not, in fact, from Missouri, but I have real feeling for a place
that likes to think of itself as “the show-me state” [and can produce a Mark Twain]
Incidentally, the official state motto is Salus populi suprema lex esto
the welfare of the people will always be the supreme law.


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