Know Thine Enemy

any banker
      and especially one
           who pretends he’s your friend.

any salesman
        who preys on your fear of insolvency
    [or your love of your wife]
              to sell you life insurance

Never trust a priest or minister –
scratch a religion and find a scam
        to keep you working
               for the ruling classes
        to divert your attention
                    from your present distress
via focus on the [universal] fear of death
[…oh they may even believe
       they are doing The Lord’s work
          but it’s Mammon they are serving]

The greatest organization
                                          is NONE
      trust natural law –
             the lion culls one gazelle
                                           never the herd.

Love will win out in the end
my friend, and sooner than that
      if we concentrate on removing
             the obstacles that  Old  World  Order
      set up in silence as it raped continents
           and divided the spoils
                    among its heirs.
         Just tell yourself – and know it’s true –
     This planet is not theirs!





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