More Money

More Money ain’t never gonna give you whatever it is, you think you need to plug the dike; no, money won’t keep the end from washing over you and spilling you down the other side of The Grand Coulee Dam into oblivion.

More Money won’t never deliver the tang of a berry you just happened on all by your lonesome in a cool wild wood on a hot summer day, and More ain’t never gonna buy another Monday or a Sunday that ain’t a Tuesday or some other day in all of your
born days.

Funny how a lotta money is never enough – or maybe not so funny, come to think of it. The only thing that lotsa Money is ever gonna give you is a taste for More – while it’s stealing from you the next word…as in, more what?

Before the common market bankers chewed up and spit out the stupendous land of Socrates and Aristotle, a Greek man defined poverty for me as being too poor to offer a gift, adding that that was why there was always a pot of basil beside the front door of nearly every Greek cottage.




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