sabbath syllables

To disobey god’s will is sin.
The definition of sin is this.
All that is not this is not sin –
got that?
If not
repeat until melted
like hard candy
swallowed like a syrup…

Words – any – all – transcribed
are not pure or even proper
expression of god’s will
only in all languages
could the expression
in words
even approach
divine will.

Fred does not speak
a language
in particular.

[greek, pali, hebrew
latin, arabic, mandarin
xhosa…et cetera]

The supposed – imagined – deity
[if he or she existed] could
of course
speak all languages

would be the least
of Fred’s capacities.

Decoding anything
worth decoding –
understanding anything
worth understanding
may be arrived at
in contemplation of the yellow tonsils
of the purple-throated tulip
soundtracked in one of several
Beethoven sonatas.

Such moments
may even resemble
genuine communication
with one [or another]
Supreme Being.

Conjecture which leads to
contradiction of
might possibly
be sinful.

Beyond that:
you know in your heart
what’s right and what’s wrong
don’t you…?
At least on an individual
level – right? And besides
that is all there is
or ever can be
since the gods
are not inclined
to e-mail copies.
Bulk mail.
Dear occupant.

The message
is always utterly


as is the rhetoric
of snowflakes.




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