agnosticism 101

I think I know which end is up
but it’s not always easy
to live by what you know –
unless you are Fearless Fosdick
or some other cartoon hero.

Indeed I believe it’s a viable assumption
that most of us just haven’t figured out
how to live without dreams
in which case: who in their right mind
would trade a dream of orange blossoms and honey,
for a dream of a black bottomless pit? 

In the dream department, I’ll have the former please,
and throw in a few harps and wings if you can.
It’s just a dream and hopefully recognized as such.

In broad daylight, when I’m up to it,
I try not to get lost in dreams, 
try to leave tomorrow for those hooked on absolutes –
tomorrow and all, and all the tomorrows after that – 
because in the end, however tomorrow resonates. . .
minutes…hours…days…years…eternities. . .
the future can be resumed in the shape
of shepherd’s crook above a large 8-ball.


If I mention in passing that I wrote this decades ago,
it is to reinforce the idea
that I haven’t given it up as a modus vivendi 🙂




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