To the paper-eaters

All you bible-thumbing
shoppers out there
who dare
call themselves
followers of christ –

Did you ever stop to think
the fall from grace
is precisely the fall
from doing things
out of love –
[quite literally]
gratis or
without charge?

The church of stone
elevated on Jesus’s back
operates no differently
from Goldman Sachs
[or any prevaricating bank]
and is heavily into
prime real estate –
but the nazarene
wasn’t a capitalist –
he would have despised
such a disunifying system
and used on those
who uphold it the whip
he used at the temple

Some fell easily
from grace
into merchantilism
[others were more
or less easily pushed]

And paper money –
diabolical delusion –
has finally enslaved
the entire planet




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