I pledge my allegiance
       I give you my assurance
      belief, authenticity
          confidence, certainty
while Joshua plays the cithara
to accompany lute and lyre
           here, my engagement, my faith
                here trust, loyal fulfillment
in honour, credibility, honesty   
             the promise of integrity

my word of honour…truth

                reliance and loyalty

fides is translated into English by all the key words above – but most often today by faith

unfortunately the term faith has been hijacked by bigbuck religions to mean a belief system. This is clearly how the word is used today – a man of faith, the inter-faith council, etc. – yet these are belief systems in which a rational man cannot place confidence (the other strongest translation)  since, by definition, belief is based solely on itself rather than on evidence.
I would rather place my faith in the powerful possibility  that the sun will rise in the east tomorrow [or more accurately, will appear to rise in the East] precisely because that is where it has risen every day of my life previously. I do not have faith that anyone has risen from the dead, because, religious fables notwithstanding, there is no evidence anyone ever has.  The bible is not an historical text. It was a cut and paste job of many hands over many centuries, with the same basic political agenda. Serious study of scripture has led more than one aspiring preacher to become an atheist!  Know the truth and the truth will set you free. (John 8:32)
and lastly, the linguistic link between stringed instruments and credibility…just might result in the expression “gut feeling”…as the strings were traditionally made of catgut.





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